Crescent Lake Dog Park                                                    Crescent Lake Dog Park

Located near 4th Street and 22nd Avenue in St. Petersburg, Crescent Lake is a beautiful park to visit alone or with your furry friend. It has many amenities making it a favorite place for family gatherings as well as dog walks.

Crescent lake is a spacious park that boasts beautiful views no matter where you begin your journey. The garden park is lush and green, with banana and oak trees scattered around the lake. The old oak trees provided this park with shade for your dog to get out of the scorching sun, typically to our area.

Beautiful Views  Of Nature and Wildlife

No matter where you start your walk, the view of the lake is front and center. A concrete sidewalk stretches around the entire lake, making walking easy for all ages. Along the walk, you can take a break and sit down on one of the many benches provided

Wildlife is plentiful at this park. While I was there, I witnessed a flock of green parrots flying overhead, screeching loud and clear. The parrots typically land on tall palm trees and have a grand old time amongst themselves.

While there, I saw ducks, geese, and various native birds that call Cresent lake their home. Additionally, turtles were sunbathing on the sewer drainage plumbing. A regular visitor to this park says they see an occasional otter or two playing in the lake.

As with all bodies of water in Tampabay, alligators may be present. Please, do not let your dog swim in the lake or walk too close nearby without you keeping a close eye on them.


Crescent lake Dog Park

Safe Areas Of

Crescent Lake Dog Park

This park has a fenced area where your dogs can roam and play with other canines. It is sectioned off for small and large dogs. If you have a small dog, it is best to keep them in the appropriate section.

A large dog running at full speed can injure a dog half his size. If a large dog gets aggressive, it can do serious harm to a smaller breed. It’s best to play it safe and keep your pet in the appropriate area.

Freshwater is supplied so your dog can keep hydrated. A garden hose is included to cool your dog down if they get overheated. It is best to bring your water bowl to prevent your dog from getting sick from other dogs’ illnesses.

The park upkeep is superb. The park is pleasing to the eye because little or no litter was present during my visit. You picking up after your dog’s poop is the right thing to do and is beneficial to the environment s well. Plus, your fellow dog owner will appreciate not stepping on a poop landmine.

8 Reasons Why To Visit The Park


  • Located close to downtown St. Petersburg and easy to find
  • Many amenities for you, your family, and your dog
  • Beautiful views of its large lake
  • Easy to walk and enjoy even if you have disabilities
  • Shade trees and park benches keep you and your dog cool and comfortable
  • Birds, ducks, and other wildlife are always present
  • Fenced in space for your dog to roam and play safely
  • Clean and safe area for the whole family.



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