Give me 1 $ and 1 Hour, And I’ll

Clean Your Yard Of Dog Poop


The best part is there are no strings attached or contracts.

Special offer. Sure, you love your dog, but there is nothing worse than getting home after a long, tough day and having to clean up dog poop scatter all over the backyard.

You have to get dinner, cook, get the kids to do their homework, and let out and feed the dogs. The worse part is having to tip-toe your way through the backyard to bring to the bbq, careful not to step in a poop landmine.

You’ve worked hard to have your backyard paradise. However, with your busy lifestyle, you don’t always have time to pick up poop. So, you put it off for another day.

Soon the yard becomes less than enjoyable. Plus, it is also is starting to smell bad, and it’s embarrassing to guests and neighbors just stopping by for a visit.

Get back to enjoying your outdoor space.

But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. You can have a beautiful backyard and the time to enjoy it without any effort on your part.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Steve Habib, and I am the owner and operator of we scoop dog poop. If you are having problems picking up your dog’s poop, our special offer is for you.

What we do is pick up and remove dog waste from your property. In addition, we take the poop with us and dispose of it properly. By hauling it away from your property, your trash can won’t stink up the neighborhood.

You may not have ever heard of a dog waste removal service, but they have existed for some time now. Using such a service keeps your lawn lush and green and saves you time and hassle.

Our Special

May Not Be For You

I won’t try to impress you with our many years in business, and you can consider us the new kids on the block. However, do you need years to learn how to pick up and remove pet waste?

Not at all.

The fact is, it is an unpleasant job anyone can do if they have to. But you don’t have to with our services.

Additionally, I don’t have a fleet of trucks or custom-fitted uniforms with our names printed all over them. I am a one-person crew and prefer you to know me by my name and face, and it feels more personal to me this way.

By the way, we are licensed and insured, so you are protected if something goes wrong.

Reasons why your want to use our dog waste removal service


  • Enjoy your backyard without tip-toeing through poop landmines

  • End your pooper scooper chores fast and forever.

  • Become a responsible dog owner without lifting a finger

  • Keep harmful bacteria and microorganisms from harming the environment.

  • Protect aquatic wildlife and be a responsible dog owner effortlessly

  • Exhibit good manners to neighbors by picking up the poop

  • Become a responsible community member by following pooper scooper laws.

  • Regain time while ending the strenuous effort of scooping up poop.

  • Stop arguments about who’s turn to clean up the yard

  • Avoid miscommunication. I work alone, so problems get solved fast

  • Quotes come in writing, so you never get different invoices or quote costs.

  • Photos sent to property owners and managers living out of the state.

  • Service quickly stopped while you were on vacation and restated when you returned.

  • End service at any time without paying the penalty.

  • You’re reminded of your next service day ahead of time.

There’s more…

Regular removal of dog poop from your yard can help keep flies and other insects from gathering around poop.

Keep your home cleaner by stopping children and pets from tracking in odors and dirty feet.

Enjoy guests visiting for bbq without embarrassment. It came from an out-of-control backyard loaded with poop piles.

Get A Clean Backyard With Our Dog Poop Pick-up Service

I have written many articles and blog posts about dog waste and dog health, and they can be found on my website Additionally, I was an apprentice to a local dog trainer and learned a few things from her along the way.

But when it comes to picking up dog poop—you could say I have earned my master’s degree. Forty years of dog ownership has taught me how to pick up poop landmines like the best of them.

Test Drive My Dog Waste Removal Service

Risk-Free For $1

If you are not sure a dog waste removal service is exemplary for you, here is your chance to try before you buy.

Give me just $1 and 1 hour to clean up your yard. If I fail to meet your expectation in any way, I’ll return your dollar on the spot.

Additionally, I’ll mail you a $5 check out of my pocket for falling short of your expectation. Oh, by the way, there are no contracts or strings attached, and I won’t even attempt to upsell you.

Why Am I Making You this 1$ offer?

All I ask is you allow me to take before and after photos of my work. I will use the images will be used on my website and other marketing materials.

I will never take photos of your home or your address, and it’s just me snapping pictures at ground level and nothing more. Your privacy is 100% safe and protected.

The other reason is that if I do my job well, you may become a client sometime in the future. But for now, I won’t try to upsell you any of the services.

You have a limited time.

To Get Aboard This Special offer.

I honestly can’t say how long this offer will be available.


Because I don’t know how many people will respond and take me up on this offer. But I do know this. Once I find myself falling behind and working Saturdays and Sundays, I’ll call it quits.

So if you return to this page and the offer is removed from my website, you know it’s over.

For now, we’ll see what happens.

Here’s how to get your spot on this one-dollar-one-hour offer. Fill out the contact form below, and I will contact you shortly.

Dangers of dog poop left in your yard: