Dog Poop Pick Up Service

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St Petersburg Area Dog Poop Pick-Up service.

Dog poop pick-up service: You love your furry friend, and you guys are like two peas in a pod. I’m sure you see your dog as more than a friend, and he is a member of your family.

The truth be told, they add so much love into your life and the life of other family members.

But wait. If there is one thing you most likely enjoy doing, it is picking up his poop every day of the week.

But as you know, it’s a necessary evil. I don’t know about you but picking up piles of fresh poop in the morning is no cup of tea.

Imagine if you didn’t have to do this dirty work anymore? How much more would life get easier?

Fewer chores equal more time to do what floats your boat. After all, I’m sure you have enough tasks to keep you busy all day long. That’s where we step in.

We scoop dog poop helps St Petersburg residents keep their landscape looking its best year-round. Fill out the form below for a free quote.


That means you can once again walk your property without worrying about stepping on a poop landmine—no more accidents when children walk into your home with poopy shoes. You can have guests visit without embarrassing accidents.

And most important is you’ll be cutting down the risk of spreading harmful diseases to family or other pets.

We offer different plans that fit your budget and lifestyle. We service Jungle Terrace, Snell Island Venetian Islands, Shore Acres, Old Northeast, Jungle Terrace, Pinellas Park, Crossroads, Patrician Point, Disston Heights, and Barclay Estates, to name a few.

St. Petersburg Best Dog Pooper Scooper Service

Dogs add so much joy to millions of people’s lives. Some are great companions when other people are not around, and they are best friends to the elderly who can’t get around like they used to.

For children, dogs are often their playmates inside your home and while outside. They also make great protectors guarding homes and families against intruders.
If you think about it, there is not too much about dogs we dislike.

However, if there is one thing we all dislike is picking up dog poop. For most of us, nothing could be worse than picking up poop landmines in the scorching heat or first thing in the morning.

Picture this, your furry friend just woke up, and they want to go outside to take care of business. Instead of grabbing a pooper scooper nearby, you get your dog and go back inside to enjoy a coffee or tea.

Imagine a challenging and busy day at work. And instead of picking up poop outside, you stay in the AC knowing your yard is clean because your pooper scooper service took care of this unpleasant, time-consuming chore.

Ahh, life is good.

“We scoop dog poop” is for the busy homeowner who’d rather not deal with this less than desirable chore. We are a pooper scooper service business for St. Petersburg area homeowners and local dog parks.

We are the new kids on the block. I won’t try to impress you with my 20 years of experience and how good I am. My work is the proving ground for the good my pooper scooper service will be for you.

You do get the most fantastic guarantee in the pooper scooper service area of St. Petersburg. More about this in a minute.

Dog poop pick-up service to fit your wants and needs.

We offer you dog pooper scooper service once weekly, twice per week, and monthly dog waste removal. One two or three dogs are alright with me. In addition, we can deodorize your backyard, so it smells fresh and clean when you step outside.

Dog parks can customize the times and frequency of service visits.

Picking up and removing poop landmines is more than just enjoying a clean yard and park.

Not removing dog waste on the ground is hazardous to the environment and poses health risks to humans.

Dog waste is known to attract mice, rats, and other rodents. They’re drawn in by undigested proteins and nutrients remaining in poop. Other flying insects land on dogs poop and find their way into homes and many people at BBQs and outside events.

A Zero-Risk Guarantee to you

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I got the crazy idea the other day and decided to go through with it. Look, you should never pay for less than excellent service—That’s why I offer you the strongest dog poop removal service guarantee in St. Peterburg.

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with our visit, that visit is free. Plus, we’ll pay you an extra $5.00 from our pocket just for giving us a test drive. You can’t get a better guarantee anywhere. Go ahead and look for yourself.

Plus, you do not have to sign any contracts or be at home for us to service your yard. However, we will not serve your yard unless you are home with territorial or aggressive dogs. Besides that, we require a one-time meet and greet with you and your dog before we get you on one of o cleaning plans.